Goods and Chattels – Our Grandfather Clock

The first time I noticed our Grandfather clock, it was love before everything sight – although it was handiest part of the backdrop to a picture from the opposite side of the arena. The image changed into of my husband’s grandmother on her 80th birthday, in Denmark.

Some years later she died, and our Danish circle of relatives provided us (their family in Australia) something we wanted as memorabilia of a past technology. My dad and mom-in-law had been on the level of life after they had all they wanted or may want to healthy in their domestic – and so they passed the offer on to us. When we mounted for sure that the clock was certainly one of the gadgets, we made our desire – ‘in a heartbeat’ – as they are saying.

Strong and careful packaging changed into required to deliver our ‘old darling’ to us, all of the way from Upover to Downunder. It appeared to take forever, however all properly things DO come to folks who wait – and at last, all changed into discovered. And it had made the remarkable immigration without any harm whatsoever – geared up to be wound up and paintings again. (I have to add that we frequently had to hang it barely ‘off’ centre to have it continue running – however because it changed into looking to regulate to more youthful homes and a specific climate – AND thinking about it changed into no longer young anymore, we forgave it everything.

Our Grandfather clock is intricately carved Oak, polished over the years to a mellow, glowing golden brown. There is a ball atop a patterned half-moon form on small ‘became’ spindles, all on pinnacle of the primary ledge. The entire center segment is the door, cunningly geared up with carved ‘columns’ every aspect, and a circular glass framing the face of the old clock, with numbers which could simplest be defined as ‘Algerian’ font fashion, with ornate fingers. The backside phase additionally has a ‘window’, revealing the closely carved vintage-gold pendulum, lightly but steadily swinging its captivating rhythm.

The ticking and unmarried ‘bong’ at the 1/2 hour – and appropriate variety at the hours – are a pleasure, with their deep and mellow resonance that reputedly makes the passing of the hours – even the decades – OK, and simply the way Life need to be transferring alongside, somehow.

But the quality and completely surprising discovery turned into a brass plaque that were too small to even comprehend it became there, inside the bryllupsfotograf photograph. Translated from the Danish, it says:

From the Townspeople of Nr. Broby


Unbeknown to us until that second, whilst my husband translated the phrases, and our mother and father advised us the tale – this beautiful antique clock have been designed and created as a wedding present for our grandparents – to have a good time and commemorate the high esteem the human beings in their town felt for these two quality people. You see, our grandfather had now not handiest been the Postmaster of the metropolis for an untold wide variety of years, however he become also the Bank Manager, concurrently. Imagine that!

Little surprise that this ‘treasured timepiece’ has a most special location in our hearts – and has occupied pride of location within the Lounge rooms of our several homes for the beyond 36 years.

And perhaps it is no coincidence that our old buddy hangs straightest and works the first-rate he ever has, inside the region we have called domestic for nearly 12 years – a stone farmhouse built in 1878. Kindred spirits, perhaps??

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